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Occupational » Self-reported work-related illness

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) commissioned a module of questions in the winter 2004/05 Labour Force Survey (LFS), to gain a view of work-related illness based on individuals’ perceptions. The LFS is a household survey, and is intended to be representative of the UK population.

Occupational » NIOSH - Elements of an Ergonomics Program

Occupational » Musculoskeletal Injuries in the Workplace

A employee guide to understand the risks of musculoskeletal injury in the workplace.

Occupational » Back Talk - An Owners Manual for Backs

The low back is subject to greater mechanical stress than any other\r\npart of the body and, because of this, is commonly injured. It is\r\nimportant to know which situations cause excessive loads and how to\r\nuse proper body mechanics to reduce the risk of injury.

Occupational » Workstation Set Up Guide

How to make your workstation fit you.

Occupational » RSI Guidlines - CSP Produced

This briefing paper aims to provide a brief overview of the information available regarding repetitive strain injury (RSI). Produced by the CSP

Occupational » Working with VDU`s

HSC guidleines for individuals working with VDU`s.\r\n

Occupational » Aching arms in small businesses

A free HSE document to aid employers and employees with the working with VDU`s and minimising the risk of RSI.\r\n


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