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Quick Guide for using this site.

Sharing your work is integral to this site. Follow the steps below to get the most from this site.

Step i

Why not write a patient help sheet and upload for your colleagues to share. Remember once uploaded you will be able to access your files quickly from your CPD section. Download the physioSHARE patient handout template here and begin writing your handout, or use your own template. Search your hard drive for presentations, in-service training or any other useful documents.

Upload your documents here

Step ii

Search the database or use quickview to locate useful files to download. Don`t forget to leave a message for the author on the quality of the file or usefulness. Constructive comments please!.

Step iii

Print the file list to put in your department for reference or recieve an email of all the current files available to download.

and its that simple. Enjoy the site and don`t forget to leave any useful feedback in the forum.



For larger files the uploading may take a little longer. Be patient. Once the file has loaded the screen should refresh back to the origional upload screen.

If you get an error in uploading please check the size of your file first. The maximum allowed is 8 mb. If you have been unsuccessful in uploading your file please email contact@physioshare.com with a description of the problem. If you wish to email us the file directly we will be happy to put it onto the site for you. Just remember to leave all the necessary details so we enter them onto the site.

Check out the general terms and conditions and copyright information.


Uploading Images to the Image Library.

Images can sometimes take up large amounts of memory. To ensure we are able to mantain the database can you please ensure that the maximum image dimensions do not exceed 200 x 200 pixels.




Check out the general terms and conditions and copyright information.


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